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Energy Tap Counselling and Consultation Services is a private and confidential experience for individuals, couples, families and organizations.

We believe that everyone has the ability to find their own answers to any dilemma they are facing in life. Our services help you to discover your truth.

Awareness is the key to change. When you are aware of something you are better able to produce change. Energy Tap provides individuals with the support needed to explore their effectiveness in order to produce positive change. Positive change occurs when self awareness is increased and support is provided.

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Our Library and Waiting area

Our Library and Waiting area

About US

Energy Tap Counselling & Consultation Services began many years ago by Tracy Miles - An experienced counsellor and consultant with years of experience working with individuals and organizations

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Our warm and welcoming group space

Our warm and welcoming group space


Energy Tap provides counselling services to individuals, families couples and other helpers in the field. We also provide consulting services to agencies across Canada in the healthcare sector.

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