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Next Workshop : To be Announced

Who is at your table is an exploration into self. After you have completed your weekend, we offer weekly 2 hour sessions for 6 weeks to help you integrate the experience you had in the weekend workshop.

We begin Saturday morning by introducing you to some theory around how the brain and body work together. We introduce you to the strongest part of who you are that we like to call Wisdom. We believe that there is a scientifically proven way to access this wealth of information inside of you.

We offer an experiential process. We invite you to feel, sense and become intimate with the wisdom within you. We see your Wisdom as strong, unique to you and able to offer you the support and love you may have been seeking your whole life.

We believe that you are made up of systems and parts. As humans we have a cardio vascular system, muscle system, bone system and central nervous system, as well as a cognitive system, and much more. All of these systems and parts work together to keep you going. In this workshop we will hone in on your central nervous system and present you with a framework that will create the potential for you to view your self in a different light. We believe that when you have a solid understanding of how your central nervous system works you are in a better position to heal some of the reactions you have in the world and bring about lasting change.

If you are ready for some lasting change and you are willing to explore your internal workings. Go to our contact page and send a us note, and get yourself registered.